Construction Law and Commercial Advice

Activus specialise in Construction law. We help our clients by both aiding in thedrafting and revision of documents and by providing counsel during the negotiation process. Our aim is to provide definitive and clear advice throughout our involvement with a project and problem resolution, working with the client as part of a team so that decisions can be reached and actions implemented quickly and efficiently.

Such advice will not be limited to contractual advice or indeed based on law in isolation, but rather will involve consideration of the commercial viability of the various options that are likely to be available, their possible effect, the ability to implement proposed actions and to meet set timescales, and matters such as on-going monitoring and review.

Contracts are drafted and negotiated in a way that maximizes success and minimizes risk. We provide sound advice based on an understanding gained through actual experience and full understanding of the Construction process and Contract forms/suites (FIDIC, JCT, NEC/ECC etc).

Prosecution / Defense

Contract Documents Preparation, Drafting, Reviewing and Advising on Contracts, Independent Review, Audits.

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