International Arbitration

Arbitration has been a fundamental aspect in resolving significant disagreements within the Construction Industry for many years. If Arbitration is unavoidable in all the circumstances and/or our clients have a settled intention to progress a matter to a formal resolution then we can act as Representatives and/or appointed as Arbitrators on their behalf.

As Representatives we are able to provide our clients with a combination of services ideally suited to the process of Construction Arbitration.

We can act as Party-appointed Arbitrators, Chairman, Sole Arbitrator, Advocate or Expert Witness in various jurisdictions in any part of the world under any institutions or party-appointed rules.

Activus ensures that the most appropriate team is dedicated to assist and guide the client through the complications and pitfalls of Arbitration and to achieve the best possible results.


Impartial and Independent

Party-appointed Arbitrators, Chairman or Sole Arbitrator,  Advocate or Expert Witness, Worldwide Jurisdictions, Any Institution (ICC, AAA, LCIA, etc.) or Party-appointed Rules.

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