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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services (10)

The firm’s Chairman and Managing Director exclusively and personally liaises with VIP Clients, providing them with tailored made, private and confidential advisory services.

His personalised services are of value to any industry and/or commercial or financial sector from Engineering and Construction Project Developers, Master Planners, Construction and the like to Investors, Bankers and Financial Institutions.

Activus Chairman is a highly qualified and experienced Commercial Construction Expert and an accredited International Arbitrator with hands on experience in running Engineering, Construction and affiliated companies, offering support to a few, selected companies, Senior Executive Teams and individuals (Partners, Board of Directors, VPs and Chief Officers.)  He has been actively advising Corporate Clients and Private high net worth individuals in varying high profile and/or discrete roles acting as their representative, negotiator and/or advocate.

Activus provides a range of project and construction management services that are designed to facilitate the effective delivery of the Client’s expressed project requirements.

Through its associated units, Activus provides several management services to its clients. Revolving largely around project management, construction management consultation and other related services, we have separate associates that support each other in providing clients with integrated professional services.

Most time and money disputes can and should be resolved without recourse to proceedings and whenever possible we aim to achieve this.  An essential element of our professional role is to seek to resolve the issues in a manner most favourable to our client, or at the least to fully investigate the opposing party’s case to establish what can be resolved prior to proceedings.

Prosecution / Defense
Claims Preparation including time and quantum analysis, Assessment / Evaluation / Substantiation, Negotiation and Settlement.

  • Contracts and Claims Management
  • Extension of Time Claims & Dispute Resolutions
  • Contract Control,  Administration & Expedition Application
  • Construction Contracts & Claims  Management  including FIDIC, NEC/ECC and  JCT Conditions of Contract

Expert Witnesses, in any discipline, are appointed as individuals rather than as a firm or practice. Within Activus, several of our Directors, Associate Directors and Senior Consultants have acted as Expert Witnesses in both litigation and arbitration.

The special blend of experience in construction and legal proceedings that all our Expert Witnesses have makes them ideally suited to undertake such appointments.

Activus recognises the importance of having an Expert Witness who is suitably qualified and experienced to give evidence of opinion relevant to the matters he or she is instructed to address. For this reason, we ask that those instructing such experts provide us with details of the matters in question in order that we can ensure that the Expert Witness (or Witnesses) that we propose is suitable for the dispute.

All of our staff who act as Expert Witnesses operate a strict policy of not accepting appointments that they consider to be outside of their area of expertise.



Prosecution / Defense

Preparation of Expert Advice (Support Documentation), Independent Reviews and Appraisals.

Activus provides Litigation support, a process of providing consultation and support services to lawyers in regard to current and pending cases. The type of support services offered will depend on  the  needs  of the  lawyer and may range from research and documentation of facts and precedents before a case comes to trial, or assisting in the determination of damages once a case has been tried.

Consultants offering this type of professional service may work independently or be one of several consultants working at a firm providing litigation support services.


Prosecution / Defense

Preparation of Evidence (Support Documentation), Independent Reviews and Appraisals, Assistance with Disclosures and Technical Audits.

Arbitration has been a fundamental aspect in resolving significant disagreements within the Construction Industry for many years. If Arbitration is unavoidable in all the circumstances and/or our clients have a settled intention to progress a matter to a formal resolution then we can act as Representatives and/or appointed as Arbitrators on their behalf.

As Representatives we are able to provide our clients with a combination of services ideally suited to the process of Construction Arbitration.

We can act as Party-appointed Arbitrators, Chairman, Sole Arbitrator, Advocate or Expert Witness in various jurisdictions in any part of the world under any institutions or party-appointed rules.

Activus ensures that the most appropriate team is dedicated to assist and guide the client through the complications and pitfalls of Arbitration and to achieve the best possible results.


Impartial and Independent

Party-appointed Arbitrators, Chairman or Sole Arbitrator,  Advocate or Expert Witness, Worldwide Jurisdictions, Any Institution (ICC, AAA, LCIA, etc.) or Party-appointed Rules.

The nature of Adjudication requires a fast service encompassing the initial advice as regards the dispute, and thereafter the preparation and presentation of the submissions and associated documentation. Activus can provide such a service due to their experience of dispute resolution within the Construction Industry.

The use of Adjudication extends beyond the accepted scope for Arbitration or Litigation in that many smaller disputes can be dealt with in a relatively fast and cost-effective manner. That is not to say that large disputes cannot use Adjudication, they can and do.

Various contracts forms like FIDIC the preeminent suite of international standard form of construction contracts, being widely used across the world including in the middle east region  provides different dispute resolution techniques and in particular the use of dispute adjudication boards.

Within Activus, several of our Directors, Associate Directors and Senior Consultants have acted as Adjudicators and / or were party appointed as sole / members of Dispute Adjudication Boards (DAB).


Impartial and Independent

Party-appointed (Standing or Ad Hoc) Adjudicators, Chairman Adjudicator, Any Contract Forms (FIDIC, JCT, NEC), Worldwide Jurisdictions, Any Institution or Party-appointed Rules.

We work on the basis that the successful resolution of a dispute, without recourse to arbitration or litigation and without damaging intercompany relationships, is the most satisfactory and commercially sensible course to be adopted wherever possible.

By such action full control can be maintained and costs kept to a minimum. All client instructions received, however small, are overseen by a senior member of staff who will remain responsible and be the principal point of contact. In seeking the resolution of disputes  Activus will endeavor to avoid the matter becoming protracted by taking a proactive approach, maintaining dialogue between the parties, crystallizing the issues and only relying on processes such as Adjudication and Arbitration when all other avenues have failed.


Prosecution / Defense

Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation

Activus specialise in Construction law. We help our clients by both aiding in thedrafting and revision of documents and by providing counsel during the negotiation process. Our aim is to provide definitive and clear advice throughout our involvement with a project and problem resolution, working with the client as part of a team so that decisions can be reached and actions implemented quickly and efficiently.

Such advice will not be limited to contractual advice or indeed based on law in isolation, but rather will involve consideration of the commercial viability of the various options that are likely to be available, their possible effect, the ability to implement proposed actions and to meet set timescales, and matters such as on-going monitoring and review.

Contracts are drafted and negotiated in a way that maximizes success and minimizes risk. We provide sound advice based on an understanding gained through actual experience and full understanding of the Construction process and Contract forms/suites (FIDIC, JCT, NEC/ECC etc).

Prosecution / Defense

Contract Documents Preparation, Drafting, Reviewing and Advising on Contracts, Independent Review, Audits.

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Activus consultants regularly act in the capacity of adviser, arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator. We work with clients on a personal and individual basis so they can be confident that we will provide them with proactive advice at a very early stage. When our clients contact us, they know who will be dealing with their instructions and that they can rely upon us as part of their management team.

Having secured a reputable client base, we are conscious of the need to provide an excellent service so that clients return to us and the business continues to grow. It is with this in mind that we ensure deadlines are met, problems dealt with expeditiously and calls returned.